Shapes projected into beauty

A quality product is a product that features both simplicity and superior functionality.
The Japonism Projection series values this principle and has been developed based on the theme of high-durability products that provide great satisfaction.

Rudde Hinge

A mechanism designed for durability

The Rudder Hinge employed in JAPONISM PROJECTION was developed especially for this series. These hinges have been designed to bring the satisfaction that is only given by use of durable, high-quality objects. As with brake pads for cars or the soles of leather shoes, these hinges are intended to be replaced when worn out.

Among all the parts of a pair of eyeglasses, the hinges are the most used and subject to wear. We do not use any screws in our hinges, since they can eventually loosen. This prevents the hinges from loosening with time. The comfort of the eyeglasses will therefore remain the same as the first time you wear them for a long time. All Rudder Hinges undergo a durability test consisting of spreading and folding the temples 100,000 times. In contrast, play appears in ordinary hinges after only 5000 spreading and folding motions. This patented design will allow you to use your eyeglasses for much longer.


A pipe made of Duracon runs through the metal frame of the temples of the eyeglasses, which are treated with special processing to form a C shape. This pipe replaces the screw and acts as an axis to allow the temples to move 90°. This innovative screwless construction has been called a Rudder Hinge after its similarity to an aircraft rudder. The plastic pipe is supported at the top and bottom by two bearings. Thanks to this pipe and bearings, the temples can be attached to the frame without using any screws.


The hinges carry the greatest burden; thus, they must be made of reliable materials. These materials must be resistant to wear, resistant to the fatigue generated through use over a long period, have good dimensional accuracy, slide smoothly to facilitate temple movements, and have enough flexibility to provide smoothness when removing the Rudder Hinge. To fulfill all of these requirements, we have chosen an engineered plastic called Duracon for all of the parts that were used to make the rotation axis, and a unique plastic material called Peek, which is used in leading-edge applications, for the bearings.

Duracon, which was used for the rotation axis of Rudder Hinges, is a plastic material with superior heat-resistance, wear-resistance and durability. Combining both the lightness of plastic and the robustness of metal, Duracon is widely employed to replace metal parts. Since this material also offers high dimensional accuracy and a self-lubricating ability, it makes it possible to cut the part with its final shape directly from the material block and provides breathtaking smoothness when folding or spreading the temples.

The bearings that support the Duracon axis are made of Peek, a material considered to be the “toughest plastic”. Its high robustness is thanks to its very low rate of moisture absorption, which is a cause of material deterioration. The Peek material combines high resistance to wear and heat with superior flexibility, which allows the Rudder Hinges to be placed or removed with great ease. This material is also widely used in leading-edge industries, including the aerospace, automotive and healthcare industries.

Plaquettes nasales 
en Nucrel

For the nose-pads, we employ Nucrel, a material that fulfills hygiene requirements since it complies with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards. This material is soft and kind to the skin. We also pay particular attention to the pad arms for which we have developed a unique design.


01 Mat Black

02 Mat Red

03 Mat Gray

04 Mat Navy

05 Mat Khaki

Trogamid / Titanium  50□21-135


Everyday products share a common quality: functionality. When its function is problematic whatever enthusiasm there might have been for the object, it will inevitably be forgotten with time.

High-quality products like living beings or the elucidation of the laws of physics tend to show rationality and simplicity their evolution is founded on the perfection of their functionality.

They then embody a beautiful shape, freed from any excess.

Launched in 2011, JAPONISM Projection exclusively provides sustainable products. The designs are focused on providing the best profile to the needs generated by the forms and functions.

It is by valuing the satisfaction of our customers providing something good that they can enjoy using for many years that we commit ourselves to the development of products able to be maintained, repaired and cherished for a long time.

*As we project the concept into the design we have named our collection Projection.

Craftsmanship supported by 110 years of traditional skills

All products of the JAPONISM Projection series are manufactured in Sabae in Fukui prefecture, which is famous throughout the world for its production of eyeglass frames. The finishing process is performed manually by experienced craftspeople with the help of cutting-edge machinery. The frames are carefully polished using artisanal techniques that have been used for more than 110 years. The resulting high quality and delicacy can be easily seen and felt when touching the product. Thanks to our production processes that combine traditional and modern techniques, our eyeglasses are both innovative and excellent in terms of design, quality, and beauty.

Manufacturing a pair of JAPONISM Projection eyeglasses requires more than 5 months and 400 operations. The majority of these operations are performed manually by craftspeople with dozens of years of experience. The manufacture of our frames requires a great deal of effort, time and dedication. The eyeglasses that are produced are the quintessence of craftsmanship.



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