JAPONISM 最高峰の輝き JG-19

A challenge to the supreme stage that craftsmen weave

A premium model that has both stylishness and a supreme aroma woven by gold, whose values never change and which continues to shine, and JAPONISM, which continues to change over time. Craftsmen continue to take up the challenge to create a supreme model using "gold," a material that can never be modified. The premium model is a fruit which can only be created with their supreme techniques through precise calculation and using their cumulative experience after going through no less than three hundred processes.
  • Introduction

    Gold has been a symbol of "most valuable things" since ancient times.
    Its noble color and brightness have always fascinated people throughout history.
    This time, JAPONISM has updated the popular model, JN-638-II, using pure gold materials.
    A new premium model has come into the world.
    While it is extremely difficult to produce due to its characteristics, the precise calculations conducted by supreme craftsmen have made possible the model with a sophisticated design and style, something only JAPONISM has.
    Following the popular JG-18 model, this model is also a highly rare model that is produced on a complete made-to-order basis.


The popular rim-less frame JN-638-II model, after being redesigned, has been updated as a model dedicated to pure gold materials.
From the nose pads to the screws, high-end glasses are completed without compromise, being particular about the use of gold for even the smaller detailed parts.
Due to the characteristics of the frame, thinness, lightness and comfort are much better than conventional glasses made from pure gold materials.
This is a premium model that has both stylishness and the supreme aroma that JAPONISM has.


The only color this model comes in is K14WG (White Gold).
The material supplier has developed a white gold with a color that is much gentler and warmer than that of conventional white gold.
The elegant tone of the color characterizes this premium model.
The vertical width of the lens is designed to be 30.0mm, which provides a more discerning impression compared to the JG-19-II.
(JG-19-I and JG-19-II have been designed in such a way that their lenses are interchangeable)


This model is produced in two different colors: Gold K18YG (Yellow Gold) attractive due to its gorgeous and high-end images and K18MG (Mars Gold) a rose-gold color that has an elegant tone.
The vertical width of the lens is designed to be 32.0 mm, which provides a gentler impression when worn, compared to the JG-19-I.
(JG-19-I and JG-19-II have been designed in such a way that their lenses are interchangeable)
Since these are completely made-to-order products, it will take approximately three to four months before delivery.
Please check with us for the availability of stock. You can try them on as long as the stock is available. If stock is available, you can purchase them.


  • Front view

    The balance between glasses and face has been considered. Its characteristic is the cutting-edge lens shape, something that can never be realized by a rimmed type. Original retaining screws are used so that its appearance will be minimal and simple as much as possible.
  • Bridge

    This has a characteristic shape with trimmed portions, while the front side looks simple. The parts contacting the lenses and the parts fixed with screws are not integrated, but separated. This produces an effect that reduces the load applied to the lens, as the bridge is slightly deflected when the glasses expand outwards.
  • End piece and temple

    A streamlined form connects the end piece to the temple. This thin and simple shape made it possible to finish the styling widely accepted by many people. The front side of the temple has been stamped as thin as possible for the materials to be durable in order to maintain a fine tensile strength. The edge of the temple is a little thicker than at other places and an iconic dented pattern has been added to the inner side.


Only a few skilled craftsmen in Sabae can handle pure gold materials which are extremely difficult materials to use in production.
This premium model is created by the highest-quality craftsmen using their excellent skills through approximately three hundred processes.
Each process requires precise calculations and skills to be completed. Modifications are not possible if a mistake is made in any process.
  • Stamping

    Due to the material properties of pure gold, any mistake will spoil the product. Therefore, stamping dies are produced only after precise calculation.
    Simple production activities require skill and experience. These processes can only be completed by using skills of the highest-quality craftsmen, not existing in the world.
  • Brazing

    This is a brazing process in which brazing is conducted at just the right moment when braze melts, considering a 360-degree stereoscopic balance.
    This work requires the experience and style each craftsman might have. This is one of the reasons that our products cannot be copied.
  • Reliability

    The traceability of our products is very clear. Our products are produced only from pure gold materials that have passed Dutch and Swiss test standards.
    Assuring reliability and the certificate of a supreme-class product.


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